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EVER WONDER WHERE YOUR COFFEE COMES FROM? We do. And for more than a decade, Growers First has been working closely with rural farming families in the mountains of southern Mexico and Central America to enhance their livelihood, assist them in becoming productive contributors to society and, of course, produce high quality coffee beans! Through Growers First’s unique Traceable-Transformation technology, consumers and supporters of Growers First can see exactly where their coffee comes from, learn about the farming families who grew it and how Growers First facilitates their transformation out of poverty.


If you feel led to help us financially so that we will have the ability to reach out to more of the rural poor coffee farmers that we serve.
I just want to thank you in advance.
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#ibuprofen is a #priceless #commodity in most of the #coffee #villages that @GrowersFirst visits #occupycoffee (Taken with instagram)

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